ConceptASR gets a makeover!

Regroupement d'achats ConceptASR offre des produits médicaux - accessoires et équipements, Produits sanitaires & d'hygiène, matériel et équipements pour Professionnels de la santé, produits spécialisés résidences personnes âgées, produits spécialisés garderies, produits nettoyage bio & Éco.

Dear customers,

We know that the ongoing pandemic is a source of concern for many of you. We are all in this together, and our business has also been affected by the current situation.

After more than six months of constant readjustment, we realized it was time to take a different approach. ConceptASR has chosen to change our strategy proactively in response to the challenges we are facing.

Thus, ConceptASR is excited to make a 180-degree turn and refocus our buying group on medical and hygiene products, organic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and specialized products for children and the elderly.

As you can see, our website,, has already been given a complete makeover. This transformation will continue over the next few months with the addition of new categories of products that we hope will meet your needs.

And that’s not the only change! Customers looking for construction and signage products can now find those on our new website,

Our team has more than twenty years of experience. Our innovative concept allows us to offer you the best prices, products and services available on the market.

Get in touch pour plus d’information ou pour exprimer vos commentaires.

Merci et au plaisir de vous servir.

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